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Mental Health and Wellness Resources

mental health and wellness resources

As we continue to adapt and respond to our changing environment, many of us have found it challenging to find the time to give our minds and bodies the breaks needed. In a previous edition of HR Connections, we introduced you to WellCan, a website which offers free well-being resources to help Canadians develop coping strategies and build resilience to help deal with uncertainty, mental health and substance abuse concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. This free site includes articles and videos you may find helpful in keeping with the human need for mental and physical well-being. Below are just a few examples of the resources available to you through WellCan.

Mental & Physical Well-being Resources

While we adjust to how our lives have changed in recent months, it can be helpful and empowering to understand how we are coping with the new challenges we are facing. In addition to the abovementioned resources, the WellCan mobile app also gives you access to several anonymous assessment tools to help you understand your mental health and take further action to seek help, if needed. These resources and many others are free to you, family, friends and co-workers.

Recently, we also launched the Mental Health and Wellness Resource Centre, an internal site where you can access the supports and services available to employees, as well as articles to support your mental health and wellness.

Take a moment to explore these sites or download the WellCan app today.

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