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Restoring Healthy Habits When You’re Burned Out

2022-02-17 01:40:04
Mental Wellbeing
It is hard to stay focused, motivated, or encouraged to look after yourself when you are feeling burnt out. Healthy habits that you have worked hard buildi...

Helping Your Loved One Lift the Stigma of Mental Illness

2021-10-25 03:21:00
Mental Wellbeing
Overcoming the stigmaIllnesses have a ripple effect – reaching beyond one individual to touch their family members, friends, and co-workers. Mental il...

2-minute Mental Wellbeing Checkin

2021-10-25 03:15:00
HR Connections
Sobeys Capital Incorporated.

This Mental Illness Awareness Week, Keith Lyon shares his incredible journey with schizophrenia

2021-10-25 03:12:00
HR Connections
Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) is an annual national public education campaign designed to help Canadians across the country understand the reality o...

Focusing on Self-Care during the Holidays

2021-08-20 07:18:17
HR Connections
Importance of self-care over the holidays: The holidays are right around the corner and we all know this time of year can sometimes bring as much stress as it b...

Mental Health and Wellness Resources

2021-08-20 06:32:47
HR Connections
As we continue to adapt and respond to our changing environment, many of us have found it challenging to find the time to give our minds and bodies the breaks n...

WorkLife Balance Part II Living with Uncertainty

2021-08-20 06:13:01
HR Connections
As the medical world continues to evaluate the lessons learned from the first wave of COVID-19 to evolve and adapt to what many parts of the world are now exper...

Our Brains, Stress and Our Wellbeing

2021-08-20 05:24:37
HR Connections
Our Brains: Behind the ScenesTo understand how stress impacts our brains and wellbeing, it’s helpful to understand a little about how the brain functions. Th...