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Ideas to simplify your life

Ideas to simplify your life

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“All of us yearn for a simpler life in which we can be more present,” says Mary Pipher, clinical psychologist and best-selling author. Simplifying your life and maintaining a sense of balance and calm is a challenge, says Dr. Pipher. It can be done. Ideas are below:

  • Keep your deepest goals in mind as you make decisions about how you will spend your time, consider what matters most to you. Whether physical activity, time with friends and family, or time outdoors, simplicity is possible if we keep our deepest goals in mind.
  • Prioritize moments over minutes by scheduling unplugged time. Choose an hour, a morning, a weekend to turn off the TV, computer, and phone, to focus on being fully present. Read a book. Play a board game with friends. Take a walk.
  • Protect time with people you love by making time with them, simpler. Research shows that what adults remember from their childhoods with the greatest happiness are vacations, time outdoors, and family meals. Consider making those three things a priority.
  • Practise slowing down by stepping out of the busy flow: stop and be still for one minute; take time to notice your surroundings; look for one beautiful thing and focus on it for a moment; notice your posture – sit tall, relax your shoulders and/or, stand and stretch.
  • Create moments of silence and permit yourself a greater sense of peace. The benefits are bountiful like encouraging mindfulness, promoting self-awareness, enhancing sleep, and relieving stress. We live in a world of noise; inundated with distractions and responsibilities. Silence is a gift and, it is free.

Thank you to TELUS Health for inspiring this article. The content of this article is based on an interview with Mary Pipher, a clinical psychologist and author of several books, including the bestsellers “Women Rowing North” and “Reviving Ophelia.” Her book, “Seeking Peace,” describes her personal quest for simplicity in her own life.